Gourmet Cakes & Cupcakes

Mini 24 for $22 (1 or 2 flavor choices)

​Regular 12 for $38 (1 or 2 flavor choices)

​Razz Red Velvet

​Your taste buds won't know to respond to this delicious delight.  I begins with a combination of rich aromatic, velvety essence and the delicate tangy-sweet of fresh raspberries.  This indulgence is then completed with a creamy mascarpone frosting and topped with sprinkles of red sugar crystals and a fresh raspberry.  Can't forget to mention how it all connects with a soft raspberry beer infused throughout the cake and in the frosting.

BC-​ Raspberry type beer, chocolate stout

Lemon Orange 
Ahh...the wind blowing in my hair while basking in the sun's warm glow.  The heat creates such a thirst.  Well, nothing seems refreshing then the cool, crispiness of citrus!  refresh with a Lemon Orange Beer Cake which is embellished with bits of citrus zest throughout, then drizzled with a lemon beer syrup.  It's topped with a lemon orange beer frosting with lemon/orange zest sprinkled on top to complete it.
BC-​ Crafted ale, IPA or DIPA or a summer type beer

Hawaiian Habanero

​Winter chills approaching which I going to lead into freaky cold weather.  Some of us will be able escape to the tropics, while some of us are stuck in the snow.  Well, i'm going to bring the tropics to YOU! (& it won't be expensive either) Okay, sounding good so far...I'm introducing you to a pina colada with heat!  Not just any heat, Habanero Heat with sweet pineapples, coconut and a citrus wheat beer.  It will feel like a blanket on those cold chilly night.

Beer Complement -BC- any IPA, crisp clean wheat beer or a smooth porter

Cocoa Bacon Chip

It's a warm retreat of salty and sweet and wrap me up in a blanket of chocolate delight.  It's a chocolate beer cake w/chocolate chips & bits of yummy saltiness of bacon.  And if that wasn't enough, each cake is infused with "Chocolate beer syrup" and topped with a creamy chocolate beer frosting!

BC- crafted dark beer, stout or a raspberry ale

White Birch Caramel Jalapeno

​So, iIm running though the woods really fast...then BAM, I hit a tree!  Not just any tree, but a White Birch tree.  Then I had a beer, but not any beer, a Double IPA from White Birch Brewing.  The beer spoke to me, "I am a smooth, deep flavored ale with intoxicating notes of aromatic character.  Find me a match that will complement me".  Well, I'm thinking this beer is awesome and I may have had a little too much to drink too!  Hence the inspiration for this delicious delight, engulfed in a powerful yet subtle flavors.  This caramel Jalapeno cake is embellished with a rich Double IPA caramel sauce made with real cane sugar and of course some DIPA.  A little heat from the fresh chopped jalapenos will wake up your mouth.  It's frosted with a DIPA frosting then lightly drizzled with the inspired DIPA caramel sauce.  Finally, it's topped off with fresh crisp bits of jalapenos to add a little extra heat and crunch to this delight!

BC-​ White Birch  DIPA or a deep full bodied beer

Gluten-Free Wacky Jack Spice Cake

​Gluten Free beer cake infused with Green's Gluten Free Beer.  And yes it's dam good!  This delight will enchant you and your guest at any party.  A spice cake made with a butternut squash-peach compote, fibrous veggies and a delicate sorghum beer from Green's Gluten Free Beer.  The moist cake topped off with an orange zest spice sorghum beer frosting...oh so creamy and aromatic to your senses.

BC- ​Green's Gluten Free beer-triple blonde ale or hard cider

Mahna Mahna Maple

​"do do do do do do do do...if you thought Animal drove you CRAZY, then this surprise of maple bacon and one strong a$$ mustard....will drive your taste buds off the cliff.   It's a simple blend of bacon sautéed in the Maple Wheat Porter then drizzled with pure maple syrup.  It is formed into a moist cake then frosted with a maple wheat poster mustard frosting!  Finally a few sprinkles of bacon on top.  Yummy! (psst...you'll be singing this song all day, Ha!)

BC- ​Maple wheat porter, or a smooth rich creamy ale

​​​The freshest ingredients used, but of course.  When you use good crafted beer, the type of ingredients are important!  We can tantalize you with Gourmet Cakes, Cupcakes, Pies, Breads, Brownies and the home of our Beer Sweet Sauces.  We also cater to Weddings, Birthdays or any special occasion (there is always a special occasion in my book. ;) )

Cheers to Beer Baked Goodness!


Beer Protein-Rich Brownies
6 for $20   or   12 for $38

Chocolate Haze
I woke up in a haze of chocolate delight.  A dream of chocolate bars, creamy rich goodness of chocolate syrup, enriched with protein powder, for that hint of goodness and a chocolate stout created into a delicate, moist brownie.
What a wonderful dream...shhh...it's my secret to share.
BC- ​chocolate stout, stout, coffee type beer or a soft pale ale.

Lemon Nomel
So good had to name it twice, well sort of, haha!  But, it's no joke when you taste this divine delight of rich white chocolate, protein powder and fresh lemons for that added punch of citrus power!

​BC- summer type beer or a citrus beer


Mini Loaves  $7  (serves 6-8)

Large Loaves $10 (serves 12-14)

Vampires love Garlic

I vant to bite your bread and suck the garlic.  so Vampires won't be your best friend but your taste buds will be indebted to you forever.  Lots of fresh chopped garlic, real cream butter throughout the bread and most of all a deep crafted beer to complete the taste.  A garlicky pleasure.

BC- any crafted  beer with a kick

Italian Flag

​No need to hang this flag, but the trio of ingredients are worth eating.  Representing the green-basil, white-garlic ad red-sundried tomatoes.  This bread hugs the flavors and rises to eh occasion.  It's great just alone but it's a fantastic complement to any dish.  Benissimo!

BC-crafted ale, a crisper cleaner lager

​Queso con Jalapeno

Yo quiero chessy jalapeno bread, senorita!  Your taste buds will soar like a pair of Mexican jumping beans.  Real sharp cheddar cheese unions in a rich ale plus the spicy freshness of jalapenos.

BC- bold IPA, porter or even a lager


all pies are $20  (serves 6-8)


​Autumn leaves, cool breeze, and apple trees, all make you feel like fall is just around the corner.  Fall into a delicious mix of apples, cinnamon, nutmeg and more tantalizing spices which infused with a hard a cider.  Then it is filled into a crisp yet flaky beer infused crust.  Pure Delight!

BC- light crafted beer, a pumpkin type beer or a hard cider

Beer Sweet Sauces

$7 a bottle (5 fl oz)

Beer-y Blue

​Fresh blueberries, blueberries berliner weisse beer and real cane sugar wrapped into a intoxicating berry delightful sauce.

​DIPA-N Caramel Sauce

​Rich deep flavor of a Double India Pale Ale mixed with real cane sugar indulged into a smooth amber sauce of delight.

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